This page collects together reviews received on the first book in The Violet Strange Mysteries Violet’s Problem.   Please feel free to notify us of your blog review via the Comments section below.


The Historical Novel Society:

I am not generally a mystery fan, but the heroine of Martinelli’s slim volume won me over almost instantly, and the style had me snickering and sometimes laughing throughout.

Violet, a sweet little ‘bud’ getting ready to debut in society, learns that her older sister, believed dead since infancy, is actually alive, disowned by their father, and living in abject poverty. Violet sets out to find and rescue her, and refuses to give up, even when she finds that her sister most definitely does not want to be rescued. Ultimately, Violet’s perseverance – and her father’s inability to deny her anything — wins the day. In the meantime, Violet discovers her calling as a high society detective, ensuring that there will be many more adventures.

I adored this sweet little book and look forward to continuing my acquaintance with Violet in the future.  (Link to the review at the Historical Novel Society website)  (The book was also a candidate for the Historical Novel Society’s Editor’s Choice honor.)


Never Enough Books review:

This is a wonderful beginning to a charming mystery series. It’s set in a time period that doesn’t get covered too much, The Gilded Age, a little later than the Regency but a time when women were still hedged about with stringent societal expectations.

Tiny Violet Strange defies convention to find her missing sister and shows extraordinary perseverance in the face of multiple setbacks.

Like all good mysteries, this one ends well, but not for long as Violet’s just beginning on her detective career!


Amazon Reader review

A scent of Violet. — Delightful is the best way to describe this book. Written in a simple and precise voice it starts out slowly then steadily builds, and I found myself getting sucked into little Violet’s life and struggles.

This would make a perfect gift for a young girl. And as a plus, you’ll learn about languages and Italian culture…give it a try, you’ll love it and will end up buying the next, and the next…


Jonna Turek review (J.B. Hawker author of The Bunny Elder Adventures)

Lively glimpse into the lives of young ladies of an earlier era — This first book in the series gives a seemingly authentic view into historical New York. Promoted as a young adult series, the story was entertaining to this not-so-young adult, as well.

Written in the present tense, with descriptions similar to stage directions, it is easy for the reader to picture the action and atmosphere as spunky, diminutive Violet goes about her many adventures, pushing the boundaries of her social class. I can easily imagine this series becoming a favorite with a whole generation of readers.


Julie L. Sarff review (Author of the Sweet Delicious Madness Series)

Pleased to meet you, Violet Strange — This story is set in a very charming time period of the Gilded Age in New York. Debutante Violet Strange has a problem, her father has disowned her sister for marrying the man she loved. Ten years later, Violet decides to track down sister Theresa, only problem is Theresa does not want to be found.

A beguiling glimpse into the world of the very wealthy as well as the very poor, I have to admit I am a fan and will be reading more.


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