Some Gilded Age References

Click here for the Wikipedia article on The Gilded Age.

Click here to learn about American women during The Gilded Age at the U.S. site.

Howells, William Dean, The Hazards of New Fortunes, Harper and Brothers, New York, 1890, available free on-line from Project Gutenberg (  The novel is set in New York City during the same period as The Violet Strange Mysteries.

Riis, Jacob, How the Other Half Lives – Studies Among the Tenements of New York, Charles Scribner and Sons, 1890, available free on-line at Bartelby (   How the Other Half Lives from 1890, and  The Battle of the Slum from 1892.  Some of his famous photographic images from that era, and also at the Masters of Photography site.

Wharton, Edith, “The Bunner Sisters”, originally printed in Scribner’s Magazine 60 (Oct. 1916): 439-58; 60 (Nov. 1916): 575-96, available free on-line at the Literature Reference (  The story is set in New York City and shows how difficult life could be for women during that era.

Click here to read about New York City’s Central Park’s history at the park’s website.

The Smoop Student Learning Site’s Gilded Age page with overview and link to full contents of the lesson.

The Stanford History Education Group’s Gilded Age history lesson page with overview and links to full lesson contents.

The U.S. Library of Congress has a draftsman’s drawing of incredible detail of New York City in 1905.  At their website, you can zoom into any area of the drawing to view the amazing representations of elevated railways, streets, tram tracks, parks, building facades, ships…

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Candida Martinelli Links

A. K. Green Books

A. K. Green’s The Golden Slipper and Other Problems for Violet Strange, G. P. Putnam and Sons, New York, 1915, free e-book from Project Gutenberg (

And other books by Anna Katherine Green available from Project Gutenberg, all free e-books, all in the Public Domain.