The Author


Candida Martinelli is a technical and creative writer, and a confirmed Italophile.  To share her love of Italian culture, in 2003 she established the Italian culture website CANDIDA MARTINELLI’S ITALOPHILE SITE at  More recently she established the Italophile Book Reviews blog.

She is the author of the traditional murder mystery novel An Extra Virgin Pressing Murder, and of the young-adult mystery novella series The Violet Strange Mysteries.  She is the editor of A Collection of Short Mysteries and the Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook

Candida has written the crime-romance novel The Hague that features an Italian working for Europol in The Hague. There is also a romance-satire featuring a hyphenated Italian,  Lives Wired, and a hyphenated Italian family-romance Rose and the Singing Bagels.

thehague  snap_lives_wired  rose_cover_snap


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